absent again!

My math professor is absent again! i mean seriously... how are we suppose to learn if she always do that (anyways, she teaches well so .....) Some classmate of mine from math told me that our professor is in MAPUA Intramuros right now and won't be able to come in class, well... it's her loss anyway she told us if she wouldn't be able to give our test papers on monday all of us will have +10 in our quiz (HA!)

So, i went to FOREVER21 which is 30 minutes away from our school by bus. I srsly love forever21 !! the prices for me i think is pretty affordable i mean i could buy like 4 clothes include jeans for only 3k !! (my shopping haven... i'm not gonna buy clothes anywhere but from forever21 only) and the accessories is to DIE FOR!!! it's so pretty!!! i could stay in that store for hours!

Since i'm bored... here's

10 things you should know about me
1. I don't ride the MRT / LRT station
2. I hate going to crowded places like QUIAPO, BACLARAN AND DIVISORIA!! i rather stay at home than go there.
3. I'm not friendly *smilies*
4. I don't start a conversation first
5. I love staying and studying in starbucks!
6. I usually don't go out if my hair is wet
7. I hate people who don't know their limitations. I have my limitations too, i'm not always "fine" w/ everything.
8. I hate trash talkers and plastic people!
9. I hate it if ppl keep borrowing money and always asking me to treat them (gurl please... i'm not you fckin' ATM machine)
10. I hate it if people would only talk to you just because they need something from you.


  1. bat may feeling ako na kilala ko ung teacher nyo sa math? XD kulot ba hair nya ? ROFL

    i so love forever 21, ipon ipon para makabili XD

  2. gusto ko rin sa forever 21 kaso i cant afford anything but accesories wahaha!pero ang cool ng mga damit nila neh..
    rehas tayu no's. 3,8 and 7.well ung number 7 i keep my anger to myself and ttwa ko lng ung mga asar or jokes nila s kin hangat sa lumala then mgwalk out n ko hihi^_^

  3. hey steph....
    erm... i know this is random, but i know you through blogskin, i found that almost of your designed templates are pretty... i like them....
    but, it can't really fit on the new blogger... how did you make the templates? did you learn by yourself?
    if you don't mind, let's be fren =]
    i'm ling btw...♥

  4. 1st, nobody rides station
    2nd I don't start a conversation first is redundant, start na nga first pa


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