Day 9 - Ow! My giant blue head!

This is the best superhero movie ever! it's super funny and witty! I remember this one scene that literally made me laugh like "HAHAHAHHAA" made me ROFLMAO. I forgot the lines that megamind said but it was one of those lines when he .....

*spoilers* (highlight if you wanna see)
when he pretended to be the space god? and he as his minion to get a stick at slap it to the newly hero he created, i forgot the what he called the stick. i think it was Confusion stick? memory stick? urghh... dunoo! hahaha!! that scene really tickles my funny bone

Month of November (this month has the most exciting movies)
1. Megamind
2. Easy A
3. Unstoppable
4. Harry Potter 7 !!
5. Skyline


  1. I watched MEGAMIND. It's so awesome right?!! Keke. I'm in love with megamind, nehhh, just kidding! ><
    I want to watch TANGLED!

  2. I want to watch Transformers:The Dark Moon.

  3. ahahahaha!kakatwa yang movie!! xD xD panuod ko na rin yan hahaha!

  4. Hi Steffanie. My name is Bianca and I'm from Brazil. Like, really enjoyed your layouts and I loved the design of the blog here. Congratulations on your work and layout's.

  5. yays!

    your blog is oh-so-lovelyy
    glad that it's back xD


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