Day 1 - Phone Rant

Obviously i f*cking hate my 3-year-old-excuse for a phone to death! i just can't wait to get rid of it! it looks nasty, messy and just disgusting. Also, What made me more furious is that the navigational keypads fall off!! Everytime i text and edit something i clumsily pressed the center button which redirect to which person i should send it to, then when i press back, i carelessly pressed the center button again and obviously sent to the wrong person then have to send them a message that "hey dude. sorry wrong send" . yadda yadda yadda


my life is pathetic.

also, can't play games anymore, it's so hard pressing the things without the keypads and i don't like using 2,4,6 and 8 as an alternative.

If i got holdapped and he wants my phone i would gladly give it to him.

so this is basically how f*cked up my phone look and so i've decided to save up for a new phone!! hooray!

i don't like blackberries and especially an iphone. I guess i'm the only person who doesn't want an iphone eh? probably because i already have an itouch and it's no fun typing in a touch screen.

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