Project 365

First of all, I got really shocked i now have 400 + followers! I really wanna thank you all! I don't know what made you follow me but thanks it really means a lot to me.

So today without any doubts i've decided to join the bandwagon and do the Project 365.

I don't know if a lot of bloggers have actually accomplished the project 365 without missing a day but this Project 365 is like a challenge to me especially since i'm awfully a lazy blogger. So, basically project 365 is like taking a photo every other day for 365 days (1 year)

pretty crazy right? i cant imagine myself doing this every day but i would like to accept this challenge to somehow discipline myself. I'm not much of a photographer but i would definetly give this one a try.

/yeah i'm serious

If i manage to accomplish this mission without missing a day then i demand a NOBEL PRIZE!!


  1. matry nga rin tong project..pero anu ung prize if ngawa mo toh?? :D :D chaching?? $____$ kahaha!

  2. WAHAHHAA!! bgyan kita nobel prize *winks* ya want?

  3. haha.. galing!! ^_^
    goodluck steph... :)

  4. try ko toh, pag may dslr na ko para in the mood lage mag shoot. nyahaha!

  5. yes..i've some friends who do the same project..they take pictures everyday and post it in their blogs..they use DSLR


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.