Window Shopping

I did some window shopping at Zara last week :) I just love all their clothes, shoes, EVERYTHING but sadly the prices is just too much for me to handle. I couldn't resist not camwhoring inside the fitting room. HAHA.

Someday, I'm going to find exactly the same thing at F21 where it's much more cheaper.


  1. Cute shirt!
    LOL, I always do window shopping. I don't have any money and everytime I look at the prices...they're so expesnive! xD
    Yeah...f21 really has good clothes. :)

  2. I also love F21, but it seems unable to buy from my country T.T

  3. naks!!cute ng damit ^_^ hihihihi hangang sukat lng eh noh...wahahah!! =)) =))

  4. @guigui

    o nga eh ! hanggang sukat lng amp. huhuhu :((

  5. i love yer shirt sis. haha. lol. hanggang sukat nalang xD

  6. Love the lay Hahas! dunno since when you have it~

    the tshirt ist rly pretty!
    i love disney character on tee's ♥

  7. Hehe. The t-shirt is nice. I like any t-shirt that has pretty prints on them((:

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