apologies. *updated*

yeah.. im seriously sorry .. i forgot all about the referral thing .. i was busy checking my counter if that "someone" really did cheated... i check a hell lot of IP ADDRESS! and my dad scold me to turn off my laptop

then around 1 am (singapore/phil time) here in KSA its 7 pm ...i got disconnected! *sob* i just logged-in to type this out..

all i remember that miko & nicolette got around 70 + , xiaorene got 40 + and the others are below 20

but it would be unfair to those other people if i would record the points that i remembered only.. right?

hope you all will understand

today chatted with Asyura & Pailin regarding about some certain things and and and...


i have nothing interesting to blog since im at home as always.. i wanna go to the MALL!!!

anw... this morning i teach my mom how to twitter. She forced me too.. at first i was like..

me: don't want. you don't even know what is twitter anyway
mom: okay.. i won't buy you new clothes
me: ok fine i'll teach

anyway.. my mom is not even interested in twitter

mom: oh! so this is twitter
me: yeah.
mom: so what is this twitter again?
me: its like stalking someone.. like knowing what she/he is doing and yadda yadda yadaa
mom: oh.

later on my mom post up a twit

mom: i posted up a twit
me: oh really
mom: i twit "listening to music" *laughs* yeah. and i didn't even listen to music *laughs again*

p/s my mom won't twit anymore.. she thinks its dangerous

walking back the MEMORY LANE.

i stubble on my multiply blog today and i was really LAUGHING MY ASS OUT when i started reading my past blog entries.. which is sooo embarrassing cause my english is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

(PS: i don't blog there anymore) and further more i deleted that blog entry cause its was too EMBARRASSING!

look at my english!! i mean my taglish! (tagalog + english) this made me laugh... and the part that says

"NO WRITE to be angry" HAHAHA! should be "NO RIGHT" i even put it up in big letters GOSH GOSH!

i'm laughing silently cause my bro is asleep.. don't want to wake him up ...

how does it feel to be laughing silently?
its feels like my lungs is about to explode!!! i want to laugh out LOOOUUDD!

i just read my sister's comment now.. i had no idea.. that blog entry is dated back on june 2007


(edited screencap this is not in order.. go to: confession thread to reply)

i've submitted a new blogksin

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