Giving Credit!

i've come across to Auberginer and read the part of "Giving Credit" (read here)

Quote by Auberginer:

I come to a website with no credits page. Yes, I'm sure you made your layout, but there's no way you managed to create your whole website all by yourself! Who hosts you, who gave you inspiration, whose tutorials you read and who provided you with those beautiful fonts.

Give the people who helped you, even just a little bit, some recognition.

One can compare the art of giving credit like buying a chocolatebar in the local supermarket. Once you've decided which chocolatebar you'd like to buy, you have to pay for it.

To show people some appreciation and giving them credit is almost like paying for the product, in one way or another. It is very important, a must. No doubt.

there are also people who tend to hide their credits by putting it this way:



(not providing any links)

designer: iamadummy
basecode: steph
image: lovelycore

If you ask me, i could tell if a person has a good intentions just by looking at his/her credits page. If your credits page probably looks like one of the thing i just quoted...

i would probably think like "this person must be like trying to hide something or like taking all the credits to his/herself" (not all of them - or maybe some just don't know how to do proper credit at all)

Seriously, i don't wanna be credited like that! especially when its a big thing like using my "basecodes" . My name is not "♥" ~ okay.

and for me... that is not even crediting. i mean seriously, who would appreciate that! okay, maybe you appreciate it but i don't ! i detest being credited that way

you probably would go on like "At least he/she credited" or "It's none of your bloody business!"

maybe its not my business but it involves my stuffs then i care.

P/S: i posted this in the middle of the night here.. i got inspired of what Auberginer said

Im not pin pointing anyone... If your guilty then be it.

as for the awards and announcements of winners will be said tomorrow afternoon (in your time zone which in here is in the morning)

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