okay.. off to the airport at 2 am.. yeah.. when i get back here in phil. im going to bring H1N1 virus with me... okay just kidding . . . pray for me i wouldn't catch that damn virus at the airport

im too young to die..

anyways.. i've been planning to advert a nuffnang (yeah. i need money) .. but im not sure it it would really work the way i was expecting it would be....

How does it work?
How much would they pay your per click-ed?
Do they send you by check? bank transfer? pay pal?
does nuffnang sg works the same as nuffnang ph?
** thanks Amelia

*** hope you readers would give me additional info.. as you can see i serve nuffnang already hehe

errr... btw.. is it the money you get is by visitors that visits your blog??? or people who clicked the advert?

please reply me here ... (not at my tagboard)

thanks to all people who follow my blog! i got really shocked.. when i saw how many people followed my blog.. its increasing each day.. truckloads of thanks to you all!!

** just so you know.. i'm a SoEul (so yi jung & ga eul) fan too

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