welcome to the oh-so-lovelyy contest. Please read the informations carefully


there is no deadline on joining, you'll just have to catch up with the others

how to join:
E-mail ad:
give me the following information

RULES: *updated* on june 9
1. Play fair please...
2. On writing a OSL entry, please try to be original and use your own ideas
3. Try to write something what you truly think about my site not what others think about it
4. If caught points will be deducted
5. AVOID CHEATING PLEASE! i would know if someone is cheating or not okay.

how to win:
1. All you need is a lot of points..
2. yes, this contest is based on how many points you'll get

how to get points:
1. Write an entry about oh-so-lovelyy.bs.com (5 points) - please contact me if you have written a blog entry about my site
2. Putting her blog button at your sidebar (6 points) *NO PLEASE CLICK BLA BLAH*
3. be a follower of her blog (8 points)
5. Commenting on my blog post (not required) but will be appreciated

i use my nuffnang account.. to determine which site my visitors come from.

for example:
reader 1 visited blogger 1 and found my link in her/his blog... when she/he visited it.. it would reflect to my nuffnang referral which would determine where my visitors come from

1 referral = 1 point

something that looks like this:

the records will update every now and then.. and i am recording them everyday.

(im online 24/7) - im on a 25 days vacation right now and im stuck at home.

most number of points: A blogger layout made by me + 1 month free advertisement in my blog
random prize through raffles: whole collection of cute kawaii smilies! (that i used before)

for the smilies.. a video will be provided

view your tally

- please "contact" me at meetsteffanie@gmail.com if you have written an entry about my blog
- please don't tag at my tagboard regarding about this matter

contest will end at: June 25,2009

inspiration: claire

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