Chinese Boys over flowers REMAKE?

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i just feel like blogging about this when i saw it at allkpop
firstly, whats with this f4 remake all of a sudden? honestly speaking. im sick of it, this time i wanna watch some of that "NEW and FRESH drama" (no remakes)

p/s i wanna watch "The Man who can't get married" korean drama .. so anyways

there was news about another F4 remake coming out, yeah. and its the "Chinese" version

*drum rolls* meet the chinese f4 ...totally a major flop in terms of the "looks"

tsk tsk! total rip-off! they copied the uniforms of the korean verision haha! i can't help but criticize. but seriously the chinese f4 uniforms looks 90's .

(p/s: whats with the ribbons?)

the Jun Pyo - chinese version~ he looks fine but where is the curly perm?

Ji Hoo - chinese version ...
OMG! whats with the hair??!?! O.o

Yi Jeong - chinese version . purple hair = cheap not sexy at all
nobody can replace Kim Bum

and this was suppose to be Woo Bin - agree with allkpop, he is better off as being Ji Hoo

Geum Jan Di - chinese version
looks Okay too me. she looks much better then Hye Sun

okay enough about their "looks" haha!

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