blog haul!

woooop! i just got back from the mall ~ and i'm a bit tired now... but its all worth it

for now. i'll do a blog haul! if your wondering what is a haul - probably means showing others what you just bought. (PS im not sure)

love love the shirt i just bought (actually my mom bought them for me.. i have no money)

the red shirt is from Zara and the cute jacket is from Newyorker!

weee!! i love IT!!!!! hahahahaa! the red shirt looks cute when worn. We still had to go back to the mall tomorrow cause my sister wants me to buy her a pair boots...

something that looks like this:

yeah. and my flight to philippines has been move on June 27 yey and i'm traveling alone *scared*

(i might move the contest deadline at an earlier date .. don't ask, i'll post about it tomorrow)

okay.. that's all I'm gonna say for now ..

meanwhile view my multiply account: click here and oh yeah! its for my contacts only

I've set it to private and if your not one of my contacts you cannot view anything except my "about me section"

just add me up... if you have a multiply account

P/S: i am currently addicted to the song "It's You" by Super Junior (yeah! i love kpop)

-dance version-

i seriously love it when they dance the "oh oh only for you" part! they are like thumping their chest bla bla bla! anw.. i love the song.. ... i can't find kibum (not kim bum) here.. they are like so many! 13 members! (yeah)

and! im tired to go online at yahoo. sorry~


winners layout: im just so proud of what i just made. i feel like i wanna use it haha! - no seriously i'm not joking.. i feel like my layout now is totally boring anyways.. to who ever the winner is gonna be... i hope you will like it but of course feel free to modify it. p/s i will put up a screenshot what the layout looks like.. if you don't like it then -_- whatever. i can't do anything about that.. but just to let you know i didn't sleep for the whole night just to finish the part of the code that i got stuck on.

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