The Sims 3

i have been playing sims 3 .. and yeah. sims 3 is sooo COOL! you can go visit your neighbors, go to the park and meet other sims and stuff!

ill let you take a sneak peak in my lousy house and my sims.. let me introduce to you

the insane, hot-headed, kleptomaniac, Hydrophobic Sunny ( i made her that way)

its so funny cause when she jumps to the water she is wearing his "everyday" outfit and when she sleeps she wears her swim wear and oh yeah! when she was at the water she gets all scared

anyways the natural cook, lucky, artistic, computer whiz Ginger and last but not least

athletic, charismatic, brave, dare devil guess-the-name

haha! GUESS THE NAME OF THE DUDE! you should have notice *winks* seriously i can't think of any other name

P/S: house is designed by me, and yeah. i have a thing for glass house and surrounded with water! i just love a house with lots of sunlight

please wait for the picture to load!

kinda weird that the mouse pad thingy is before the keypad

anyway.. i've been reading Gakuen Alice season 2 in manga!

and and!

WARNING: spoilers ahead!

in Chapter 49 page 20 they were dancing and someone clumsily pushed them and Mikan ended at the top of Natsume and their lips met something the same as Hana Yori Dango season 1 - the thing that happened to Domyuji and Makino

somewhere around chapter 49 too i can sense Hotaru like Ruka cause she gave him a cake and smiled! yeah. its so rare to see Hotaru smile with that emotionless face of hers

and in Chapter 50 - remember the kid principal of the academy ? yeah that dude danced with Mikan! and and and! Nastume kissed Mikan, not by accident this time its real

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