we won P 15M

not a joke ... my sister received this mail from reader's digest 2 months ago (if im not mistaken). Now my sister think its a joke or was it she just doesn't know what to do.. startled too much?

(read carefully before jumping to conclusions)

actually this was the second time we received this. first was my mom in our province area, receive a mail about sweepstakes and won php 500,000 and that should be collected in Manila and yeah from Reader's digest again! My mom taught it was some kind of joke but later on about 2 years later my mom told it to my dad and surprisingly it was all all true. (my dad in an OFW and works in UAE)

- my mom didn't collect the prize and obviously didn't receive anything

you see my dad loves reading reader's digest. He got a stock full of it on their room that later on they take it out since it flooded my parent's room already. Little did we know my dad subscribe to Reader's digest and forward it all to our addresses here in philippines! my mom now is in UAE that's why my dad decided to forward everything at my sister's address here.

im not exactly sure how my dad does it.. was it subscribing or via email.. okay whatever

and and!

the 15,000,000 pesos we just let it slip right through the drain! TALK ABOUT MILLIONS OF PESOS we could have been millionaires and living in mansions by now!

(okay just kidding about the mansion stuff)

money doesn't grow on trees .. you know!

proof!... come to conclusion that this is all TRUE and not a JOKE! all the proof is written all over it.. its not some budol budol gang doings

Actually my sister told my bro last month about this but he doesn't believe and my sister forgot where she put it.. So now when my sister fetch me at NAIA (airport) last june 28, then got home and showed it to me since when she was cleaning up the whole condo and just found this

and hell yeah... i want to strangle my sister! hahaha! can't sleep the whole night thinking about this! So much for what the big blessing god gave us and we just shrug it off

ampft! my dad should tell us all about him joining this RD sweepstakes! we won and didn't even bother collecting the prize!

UPDATED: its already pass the deadline.. my sister should collect or mail them back before 7 days when mail is received. So we didn't receive the prize since its already pass the deadline

U P D A T E D: had a mistake... it was my mom who did the subscribing... we had a long chat today... she said she name it to my sister when she subscribe.....

this was the 2nd freakin' time!!!!

i've pixelate our address! they even put our condo room no, zip code, my sister's name, street, everything! - this doesn't look a fake mail to me!

anyway! KPOP TIME!

"Nobody" english version - wondergirls (click to download)

honestly, i don't understand a bit of their english thingy... maybe because of their korean accent nevertheless i still love their song

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