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ampft.! call anyone tell me how to put a follower gadget at other blog related sites? for example like wordpress? or anything?

i already found out how to transfer all my followers in wordpress... its pretty easy btw . i read a tutorial about it.

and now my problem is: how to install or put up a follower code using google friend connect in wordpress.

instructions that was given to me:

quote instruction # 2 of 7

Go to http://www.google.com/friendconnect/ and signup for your site if you haven't already. Continue till you have uploaded the files canvas.html and rpc_relay.html to your site and verifyied your site with Google Friend Connect.
i have already the canvas and rpc_replay but where to upload??? is it in wp-includes or wp-admin or wp-content .... TToTT

simply saying site is so blurr... ampft...

determine to switch to wordpress.

bla bla blah.... i log in my google friend connect and i've just found out that i have a total followers of 167 *mouth drops*

so others have been following me anonymously .. anw... please don't be a silent reader. do comment on any of my post ^^ i don't bite

after i solve and finish my other site problems ..

i'll put up tutorials as follows:

1. follower gadget for blogspot users
2. Changing icons in desktop for windows xp and vista
3. Changing you windows to mac-ish style

i think that's all

p/s: tired to emphasizes every single crap here...

okay.. screw this .. i need a break!! im going to watch "harold and komar" right now <- that movie so damn funny.. but i think its PG something

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