Cute Cutomized Desktop!

i've customized my desktop and the icons too! i'm loving it to the max!. there's no blog url in my desktop.. i just put it there....

my attempt to make my desktop look mac-ish failed! gahhh! i was having trouble changing the dock icons ...

(click to enlarge)

the sub folders:

shall sleep early tonight. got a medical sched tomorrow for my ID

and.. i'll change my blog layout... this layout look so freakin' BORING! anw.. yeah.. i would submit this (this one) blogskin if a lot of people would request from me cause i could need a lot of motivation

im even too tired to open my blogskins account


  1. Omg. Where did you get the dock icons?!

  2. love your icons, where dis you get them?


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.