Happy Valentine's Day!!

HAPPY HEARTS DAY TO ALL!!!! single or not. haha

to all single people haha.. just cheer up.. theres nothing to get upset about.. let go and buy ourselves chocolates yea.

thanks to all people who greeted me! very thoughtful of you

from eunice:

from lisa:

i also wanna make a valentine banner but sadly i still dont have photoshop! let me find a way to edit something without using it... ive tried using paint.. to hell it with it!


anw.. pet society is in maintenance for a very long time already.. im getting very impatient haha!

made this for my senior year!

once again, we call ourselves sped because of some reasons not because we are mentally retarded
Pet Society

how to get more coins - my way

- aside from visiting friends and hurdle race...

remember the items that are in "THIS WEEK ONLY"... buy as many as you can!! they are gonna be rare anytime soon after "a week" is up already..

you can trade them in the forums and get lots of jukes for it BUT dont trade it too fast!
wait about a month or so and you could get about 15 jukes for any rare items.

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