How the forum works. & new gmb items!

brief explanation by me

how to trade

1. i dont know how to explain it but ill tell you how i know.
- all you need is a lot of common sense

i just watch people do the tread and auctions in the forums and that's how i learn to do it

auction and selling is different..

- all you need to do it top the bidder with your offer

for example:

bidder 1: 10 jukes for the mayor pic
bidder 2(you): 11 jukes for it
bidder 3: 12 + golden poo
bidder 2 (you): 15 jukes
seller: okay sold to bidder 2

something like that. but the seller will decide if he/se is satisfied with the offer

2. selling your stuffs

heres a guide

** HA L L O W E E N **
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** C H R I S T M A S **
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3. IF YOU DONT LIKE THE OFFER that someone offer you.. just say it nicely


seller: im selling a ghost lamp.. make offer please
buyer 1: 5 jukes for ghost lamp
seller: still low.. could you get any higher please. i sold 20 jukes for mine last time..
buyer 1: i dont have 20 jukes
seller: oh okay... thanks for the offer though
buyer 2: ill pay you 20 jukes for it
seller: okay sold to buyer 2

and do not do this please

seller: selling pirate outfit set
buyer: 5 jukes for it
seller: you kidding me! that is soooooooooo low!

4. BE aware of scammers! do not force anyone with high rep to give you the items first ...
people with high post count and rep is a safe trader~ but are are some people also that have low post count are safe traders too

- people with red boxes are scammers or whatever
- people with lots of green boxes are super safe
- poeple with 1 green box and 0 post count is weird..

(if you got more higher post count then the seller you can say to her/him to send first)

- the last thing you'll know is that your gonna have flying tomatoes throwing at you

6. Pet society forums is a lot different from blogskins forums

no offense but i find blogskins forums not that friendly as you can see..

case 1: you just advertise your blog or blogshop
reply: so show off
reply 2: yeah! get off here you show off

i mean.. thats really so mean.. why couldnt they just visit and say something about it and keep there rude message to there own.. a forum is a forum in general.. anything goes there whether it is advertising or not! or anything related to a BLOG!

in pet society

case 1: i got hacked/ my closest friend backstab me and stole all my stuff/ this is my blog . im really an addict in pet society
reply: your blog is really nice
reply 2: yeah. agree.. really nice..
reply 3: wow nice design

as you can see... ps forums in surrounded with moderators that are ready to banned you when you are being rude or unfair to people.. or putting up flame thread

in blogskins forums.. there are no moderators.. nobody cares. put up a flame or whatever.. nobody is gonna get you banned

- no offense.. i just find it harsh-

7. be an honest trader as much as possible

example: you made a deal with someone for a rudolf toy for 5 jukes and the buyer sent you 6 jukes and she/he is a bit confused of what the deal is.... return his/her 1 juke back and be honest!

-ill add in more later-

8. RARES are worth for jukes/lips; GMB items are of course worth gmbs too

you can add me in pet society forums -> my link


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