i love gumdrops!

well... my blog title got nothing to do with this blog entry ... i just love gumdrops.

okay end of story

ive searched enough hairstyles and cuts in Google... so far i saw some great haircuts ! BUT! only looks good for long straight hair..

i wish my hair grows fast! im sick and tired of having short hair .. but i dont really have short hair haha! (the picture you see in the profile is a later part of me last year so my hair now had grown like 4-5 inches) my hair was choppy back then when i was on my junior high, now my hair had grown a lot.. i love it... i know it looks weird and messy but im planning to fix it up soon

this haircut is nice and cool .. BUT! i think there is too much and short layer at the top .. i think it would be nice if it would be much more longer like adding 4 inches

i just love this cut! damn nice!


ok.. these are my friend's pet.. i edited them though.. anw just click the image to see the bigger size

left to right:

table 1: macky & kupo
table 2: gui gui & wang zi (wang zi is not a pet on my neighbor.. i just invented him.. sadly there are no more boy pet in ps.. except for panda(w/c is laila's pet)
table 3: panda & chisai (isabel's pet)

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