silly kid.

theres this kid in the bus that had a face like a donkey... ok just kidding...

this chubby silly freshman kid which sits behind me in the school bus is seriously super annoying..
he was chatting to this girl classmate and this chubby kid is like telling some jokes that doesnt make any sense... (actually.. i dont really bother but they are speaking so loudly)

i still remember this kid's joke:

chubby kid: spell bow!
girl: what bow? like bow and arrow?
chubby: yeah! spell bow!
girl: okay... b-o-w

then this chubby kid and this girl begin to laugh LOUDLY and as if theres something funny about the joke~

then they did it again

chub kid: spell double bow
girl: b-o-w.. b-o-w!
chub kid: wrong! double bow-bow !

and then he laughs loudly again and so is this girl

.. i don't get it.. is it me? or they just need a slap on the face

every time this chub kid jokes he pinches the girl and im super sure it was really painful and for a moment she looks like she wants to spit at the chubby kid(boy)..


ahh! i wanna take a haircut after prom!! somebody please stop me!!

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