Elianto BB cream review

i can't stop myself but blog about this!!! hahaha! i have been thingking about bloggins since yesterday and i just can't help it!

i just love this product! ELIANTO BB CREAM!!!!

if you don't know what bb cream is then you can just google about it :)
it's really popular im sure you guys know what it is....

on the side note:
it's this really famous product that koreans use in their face (always wonder how they have this really amazing and flawless complexion... yeah.. this is their secret)

What i love about Elianto bb cream
1. Amazingly! - it evens out my skin tone!!!
2. It gives this radiant glow in my face!
3. Really amazing coverage (i swear) hahahaha!
4. When wearing it... it feels like it's not even there. It's not heavy or anything

so anyways. the Elianto BB cream (Miracle White Multiplex) not only covers your blemishes but also whitens your skin. It's a "Whitening, Anti Wrinkle, Firming, Moisturizing " cream and even protects your skin from the sun

it's even way better then using foundation cause when i use foundation, nothing happens (or is it just my face) even if have to put loose powder but then my face would be a little too much paler then in my neck unlike BB cream it evens out your skin tone with this glow in your face

that makes it look natural!!!! thats why i LOVE it!

i actually recieve a lot of compliments when i started using it. One of my classmate goes on about what my skin routine is, and what i put in my face.

and i remember one sales lady ask if i ever had a facial care and if i ever tried it even once.
(P/S: i don't really know if she's being sarcastic or not)
and no i haven't tried it even once

so anyways. yeah! it's really a nice product. It's a bit pricey, i bought it for Php 800 but it's so WORTH IT!!! and the product is made in korea also btw i use #01. Nude Beige :)

you can visit their official website here


so this is actually what a BB cream do to your face like a before & after

(bubzbeauty of youtube)

nice huh? and yup! that's exactly what a bb cream could do! be it a missha or elianto or whatever brand.


  1. I start to feel like putting this ELIANTO BB CREAM in my wants list LOL! xD

  2. I think the best BB cream out there is Missha's Perfect Cover. It has great SPF (42+, a little less than the Elianto) not to mention it feels so natural.
    Koreans are also really into their skin care routine, which is also why they have such nice skin.
    It's quite pricey, at around $30US I think?

  3. @ anonymous:
    yeah. actually you are right! i had seen lots of reviews about it in youtube but its sad that you could only buy it online :(

  4. I heard about it too!!!
    kaya lang walang available sa mall namin, kaya hanap parin ako ng hanap T^T
    di ko alam na worth 800 pala kekeke
    sabi nila make up daw un na parang gamot rin, after i heard it, gsuto ko na siyang subukan..

  5. waa!!bb cream!magkanu yan jan...gusto ko nyan..la kc nan d2..huhuhu :(( :((

  6. awww!! if only i can find this BB cream in SG! :(

    i wonder where sells it :P

  7. Finally someone has tried it :P Hehe, my aunt didn't like the product though.. it caused her lots of zits >.< So, for me.. I'd rather stick to the Korean BB Cream collection that I have for safer purposes hehehe.. It's a good thing that you didn't had breakouts, way to go! :P

  8. hey may i know how do u install this comment thing to your blog?
    mind teaching me? cos i am having a hard time to do it!
    really thanks alot~!

    mail me (:

  9. Wow! San naman kaya nabibili yan? san mo nabili sis? ^^

  10. im using the non whitening one. And i have to say, i made a pretty good choice in choosing it. Im sure missha's BB cream is like the ultimate BB cream ever (or that's what i've read in reviews) but i pretty much cant fly all the way to HK to buy it. :p

    But going back, like i said, it's a good investment (for me at least), pretty cheap (around 699 php ($15)) and a total must-have in my bag. I never broke out and i've been using it for a month now. Im a pretty pimple prone girl and this easily hides most of my blemishes and makes a good foundation. I get compliments from classmates and friends about how my skin tone is even and how my face looks a bit pimple free and how less stressed i look (when im totally am on the inside) i guess it all depends on how your skin reacts to it and what kind of skin you have (oily, dry, or combination). Some are fit for it and some aren't :)

  11. (my bad. i meant 799 php ($18)) :) sorry

  12. @Toni: you can buy it at SM malls :) its almost everywhere now..

  13. @Anon:

    OMG! i know! ive been using Missha for about 1 year i think.. its the best bb cream ever! ;) i used purederm but nothing compares to missha!

    ive also introduced it to some of my friends and they end up liking it as well :)


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