Ranting about my 3rd semester schedule

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I fcking hate my 3rd semester schedule! I know I am the one who arrange it but what can i do? considering all the nice slots are taken!

what's worse? MY TUESDAY SCHEDULE! it's JAM PACKED! look at it! @#$& i have no BREAK! and the subjects! CS140 and CS140L is like math!! full of fcking equations and math functions!

those are the only slots that are available. My Math should be every Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 3:00-4:30pm so that i wouldn't have to go to school during thursday and saturdays considering we have a fcking sunday make-up class for 3 months!!!!

what a waste of time!

BUT there isn't any available slot for me so boo-hoo!

if my math would only be during MWF then i would have a break time between my CS subject!

till then every tuesday i would be running around the school with no break till 4:30pm!


and... as for the above subjects on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY! i have too much BREAKS!

yup! that's one thing i hate too! i just hate to sit around and do nothing! and the only thing i would love? well..... 1 break is enough for me but every subject i have a break?! fcuk! what am i suppose to do then?

okay.. i should stop ranting......

what's funny is when i went out from school and i was very very troubled because of my schedule and i didn't realize someone was calling my name

well yeah....

okay bye!

school starts on January 18 and fyi i'm not excited to go to school unlike any other kids there

P/S: i made my online reservation late so all the nice slots are taken :(

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  1. Un CS140L mo lab yan dba? usually di sinasagad yun oras nyan pwera nalang kung buwakang yun prof mo..

    Either late na kayu mag umpisa or maga kayu pauwiin nyan. Kaya don't worry about your Tuesday sched. Ayus lang yan. hehehe!

    Pede ka naman mag may i go out ke prof tapos derecho ka canteen.. eat for 5mins and go back to your class again.

    Ganun lang ginagawa namin dati. :)

    Goodluck sa 3rd term mo. ^^


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