iPad 2? No thanks.

I dunno what is the f*ck is this hype about an Ipad 2! and it's still doesn't support flash! wtf?

Why are people who intrigue and raving about it?!

It's just a big ass itouch. Nothing different.

If MAC decided to make a new version of Ipad at least let it support flash! the only thing new to this iPad 2 is that its thinner. geezus.

Waste of money.


  1. Last time, I have no interest at all on this iPad. But upon seeing this to one of friends, it attract me so much which result in purchasing one. Now, I have no regrets by purchasing this tool even it cost too much but it really helped me in my studies!

  2. lol, i agree. though i don't know why so many people obsess over apple products in general. most of them are just a herd of sheep following a trend.

    they are waaaaaay overpriced to. they sell retail versions of them in china for like half the price. they don't have the apple logo on them thought.


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.