Such a waste

the c sharp program i downloaded last night is such a disappointing waste.

You see here, this is what i have to deal with last night, freaking lies of e-academy. It says

"The download may take some time to complete based on the speed of your connection ......."

and I just sit there painfully staring while it slowly buffing its way up to a hundred percent.. 30 minutes later... its still 3% ...... and I wuz like ....ARE YOU FCKING KIDDING ME? SERIOUSLY?!

Why don't they just end my misery right there and say "Hey! Don't waste your time here cause you know what? This takes hours and hours of buffing shit do yourself a favor and find another link"

It's not only that, you have to do some crazy things before you could install this thing. Ridiculous

I have complete trust on my internet connection. This thing is just bonkers beyond belief. But it's a good thing though that i manage to finish in the nick of time with the help of my friends.

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