so what-ever

im so tired today because of that stupid project...

Another day, another strenuous evening in front of the computer screen. I'm going head over heels just to make the ends meet and its driving me absolutely bonkers. ive aldready created emerald her blog & pls do visit
im-always-alone .. arghhhhh i cant fix my blog... damn it!

dang! im so stuffed! my mom & dad ordered KFC and pizza hut at the same time.. and the point is we already have our dinner.. im sooo stuffed .. and also sleepy.. & oh! only 4 weeks more till the flight of tasneem to philippines.. im really gonna miss her much, huhuhu.. why is that all of my bestfriends seems to go to there separate ways leaving me alone in this deserted place, my first bestfriend was still in phil,my second bestfriend, she migrate to canada from the kingdom & i miss her truckloads all those moments i just cant forget.. then my third bestfriend shes going home to philippines & my forth bestfriend left me behind... oh whos the fifth then... im just too tired to socialize with other people right now...

next week would be our 4th MASTERY TEST! gosh.. how time flies so fast.. and i still ******* cant be viewed for my eyes only! haha

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