people intend to forget

just like me... i easily forget things especially when it comes to academic
gosh! im talking nonsense.... apprently i dont have anything to blog about...

im so not myself right now.... my parents are so blurrr!!!! first they allow then second change their mind... so what im suppose to tell then!? ahhhhh...!!! gosh!!!!!!!!!! uhmmm.... im so speechless.....

im almost done in my book yey!!

btw photobucket is now back on track... SA gov. finally unblocked it.. and they did an awesome decision of unblocking it.

i feel like im goin' emo again (not the style) what i meant was emotional
im going emotional again... first im all sad.. and then when i set foot on the school's gate suddenly i forgot my problems at home... ive realized that... i dont bring problems at school....

febuary 29
first ******* saw me cry thats when the bus was already there and i just got down from my house.. i cant hold on that much thats why i manage to burst our crying when going down the stairs... she was like "whats wrong? are you okai?" ... im toooo depressed to talk... ive never talked once about my problems... i intend to keep it myself..

then when im at the school.... ive finally cooled down when i listen to musics then youll see me laugh after 15 mins... gosh! haha... i may not speak out but youll see it right through my face

Why not be yourself?

Why follow the crowd, when you can be unique?
Be yourself and disregard everyone's critique.

Why not live at random and do the unexpected?
Make mistakes without the hate to say "I stand corrected."

Why not follow your dreams and allow them to come true?
While you're there, wander off in search of something new.

Why not have the courage to stand and speak your mind?
Be the first to take that step ahead for all mankind.

Why not dance off-beat while singing out of tune?
Let them laugh, yet never stop all through the afternoon.

Why not scream out loud and let yourself feel free?
And take a chance without the promise of a guarantee.

Why not take a left, when everyone goes right?
Make a choice and choose the black when they all choose the white.

Why not try to shine, instead of fading gray?
Be yourself and just be you, forgetting Them and They.


1. Never knew Hell had a TIMECLOCK

2. i know enough to know that i dont know much

3. A picture is like a memory always going to be there to remind you of what is not

4. It's amazing how far someone will make it on dreamsand how fast you can tear someone down with the Hidden Things

5. If the burden seems too much to bear; remember the end will justify the pain it took to get us there

6. If your life doesn't have a meaning, then why are you still alive?

7. Experience is the name we give our past mistakes

8. We all have sorrow and we all have hate,But happiness is something we must create

9. Think of life as a vacuum. It can suck a lot sometimes, but it can also clean up some unwanted stuff.

10. to find light in darkness and life in death, and make you laugh with every last breath

11. I Pretend Im Happy ,So They Think Im Strong,I Guess Its Because,I Hid My Feelings For Too Long

12. Tell me what truly is, i see straight through all your pathetic little lies

13. Don't give up, never forget...hold on forever or you'll regret

14. Be yourself. Do refuse to be your own shadow on the ground

15. don't look at the reflection of life in the mirror, look at the real picture.Only then you'll know the difference.

16. Look down at me and you see a fool;Look up at me and you see a god;Look straight at me and you see yourself

17. She's a believer of the highest standard,no one believes her.No on understands her.God forbid that some one kill her

18. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and say something foolish

19. If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything

20. Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter

21. Life gets hard. It changes pace right when you start to figure it out. People you were once obsessed with, become people you need. And people you need, become people who hurt you

22. Every "just kidding" shares a little truth.There is curiousity behind every "just wondering.""I didnt know" holds at least a little knowledgeand A little emotion behind every "i don't care"not mine

23. Be who you wana be and dont go by what others see

24. Never say neverbecause never means foreverand forever is a very long time

25. I'm a grain of sand In the top of your hourglassand as time goes by I fall to the bottom and stay there forgotten


27. Pack your bagslet's hit the road.lifes not going any slower.Lets stand on roof topsand drop the load.

28. im not gonna cry, im drying my eyes and im never gonna give up and continue with my pride

29.People say you should take the good with the bad, Smile even when your sad,But i don't feel like smileing, I can't see the good, just feel like crying

30. So much drama pain and lies And they call these the best years of our lives

31. One day,Im going to make it.Just because you said I cant

32. Drama, lies and tears.=Deffinition of the TEENAGED YEARS

33. And I'm just killing time before it kills me

34. You know that one day you will die, so you sit back and watch life fly by,and when your time comes you realize,that your life was boring, and sigh your last sigh.

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