worst day of my life

this is the worst day of my life & the most embarrssing day!

arghhh... dont feel like im gonna type here.. its so so so humiliating (100000x)

however ill let you see this RANDOM smile'es animations i got from a site.. it really made me laugh and touched at the same time...

this really made me laugh coz i remember one time that someone did this to me and i was like "Oh! come on get serious.. QUIT IT" pretty damn annoying but its okai... haha

this would be my reaction if i would see a ghost!!

awwwww... this is so TOUCHING... true friendship.. thats what friends are for.

haha.. this made me laugh like hell.. i wanna do this to *too confidential to see* haha.. coz sometimes shes annoying with her mouth open and blah blah! she just wont stop... but oh well.. im not human btw if i did that.. otherewise i would be worser than an animal

i miss you...

thats me and my friends..

talk - ear - see

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