my head is ringing

yahooo!!! my dad just unblock everything that includes my YM and this blog hehe.. ill hold a party for this haha.. i though my suffering days would be forever.. im SO HAPPY no words can describe it... i can finally do my project without worrying what time it is.. i can finally update my blog.. but so much for that... anywaysss..... i got nothing to blog about.. except for that

im super SICK today.. i got heavy cough and i sneeze a lot, my headaches and my eyes hurt... i got some problem looking at this computer goz i feel my eye lids closing.. i never had this ill condition in my entire life.. all i know is that i think this whole sickness thing is the cause when i cried last Monday i was so so soooooo....... pissed that i manage to cry 3 hours straight ...coz that time my dad block IE and i was like "NOOOOOO!! how can i do my project..." huhuhu.... when i cried i was having this breathing condition suddenly my breathing thing collapsed i started to panick.. i think i had an asma attack at that time... i didnt tell anybody in fact i manage to heal myself by my own....

i calm myself then listen to music then suddenly i woke up at around 10pm when i look at the mirror my eyes was like then i said to myself i wont go to school tomorrow and just pass the project next week.. then emerald SMS me and beg me to go to school tomorrow haiizz i guess she forced me thats why i manage to take a bath and go to school... after that many hours passed (i think?) about 10 am i feel my head ringing and like crashing on both sides so i went to the clinic then the nurse give me some pills to ease this stupid headache and catch some Z's i didnt notice the time when i got up it was already 1pm .. wohhoooo.. i slept for hours..

wat da?! so DULL!! i cant continue.... bye

need to do some projects

btw pls vist diane's blog hehe click here

to all people out there.. if you wanna have a blog like this.. dont hesitate to ask me about it okay? just as long as im not busy...

heres a horoscope and know what damn it! so true haha..
can you read it?

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