i lose.. !

arghh... the game i said yesterday didnt turned out good.. in fact ive talked already so much souls.. because if i didnt talk H-S said if i was crying.. in fact im not.. haiiz who cares about that stupid game anyways.. haiiz.. tomorrow its our turn now to make candy.. our is "chocholate apple candy...blahblah.." forgot the name already.. omg i have such low brain...

arghh.. lately ive discovered something.. but i didnt get mad.. like DUH! who cares about it anyways.. ive suffered enough.. people just didnt use there brains before they do anything or they really wanna do it but there conscience cant take it so they go back and start a new road to walk too...

Emerald now is requesting that i will make her an account here in blogger and edit her layout.. okaii.. thats no biggie with me.. but ill do it tomorrow

i feel so SLACK !

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