the lames day i every had...

this is the lamest day i ever had...

tasneem didnt go to school today since her lil bro is sick..& tomorrow she'll be absent again.. dang! i dunno who i will talk to.. not a single soul is seen beside me except my bag & my envelope.. imagine a table without a chair.. i dont know who i will talk to im so bored that i was like talking to myself looking left and right and then bam! i was like going insane.... im talking to myself i was like "hmmmm.. what should i do with this?!" and many more... it just that i need someone to talk to... its just that the only people i trust is taz & lorraine.... and im comfortamble talking with them...it just that i find it hard to trust people... dang! this life.. oh the hell with this.. why am i always saying "dang" should i say "damn" instead?? dang dang dang... what figures.. damn damn damn.. haha..

i was there sitting all alone at my seat then blah blah blah! dunno what to do... haizz.i feel the world crashing down on me... i try to socialize with other people but im getting tried of it already since they dont mind me also.. then just go up to me then talk to me if they need help.. i feel im so USED! the hell with this life... am i in a nightmare or what?! why am i being so EMOTIONAL here.. i guess i just want to say what i want since nobodies been listening to me..except this blog.. just listening but no reply.. the hell with blogger it doesnt even have a soul..

ARGHH.... i should probably live life to the fullest when i still have the chance.. but how can i live a life when i dont even know WHAT THE HELL IM TALKING ABOUT HERE!

truth is.... i dont know what the hell im doing..

okai... get serious... sometimes theres a time that i want to be alone.. mezmerize and all .. find mself.. and wonder what would happen to me next... should this be my last day? or is it not?
oh thats easy.. i dunno.. who cares

wahhhhhh... WHAT WILL I DO TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im going to play games here... for a single day and thats tomorrow " IM NOT GOING TO TALK TO A SINGLE SOUL" just today haha.. lets just see if i can do it & see what happens..

yah know what.. my room is a total mess of disaster you cant tell it by just looking you way it.. probably you might mistaken it by some kinda forest haha.. im so lazy right now to tidy up my room..

behind the smile & laughter is the girl you'll never know...

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