im a busy bee...

dont feel like going to school tomorrow.. how i wish i would catch a cold or something... it that way you would know who your true friends are that care about you.. but! ill still go to school . then sleep there

damn it! i got so much to do.. im so busy yet i have time here to write down what im doing and blahblah! anyways.. heres a list of what i should do today for only 3 hours and 22 mins.

things should do:

1. write new blog post (like what im doing now)
2. do project/reporting in MAPEH
3. check Friendster of isabel
- Change her primary pic
- Put "beautiful days" embed in her profile
- visit "mali/js" profile for her
4. Fix the alighnment problems in my blogger
5. Create emerald an account in blogger

damn it! look at that! so many projects and favors to do.i feel like my eyebags are popping out of my face o m gosh! i need a break.. oh well.. today im being so generous and helpful what the heck is wrong with me?! haha.. i treat Tasneem chicken worth of SR 2 and Cla's lollipop worth of SR 1 and my lunch money is only SR 10. today i didnt have any savings money!!! arghhhhh!! i need to buy something.. but starting from tomorrow no more Miss generous girl coz ill start saving for me to buy that thing...

oh well.. look at my eyes right now.. so big.. i think?! i need coffee damn it!

ive saw something that really turned me on & made me laugh at the same time.. and guess what?! i wont tell haha.. ..next topic


History time - coz Sir A. is late 20 mins.
oh yeah.. me and isay-san laugh our heads out.. i think it all started when i said something that made her laugh.. and at first i really dont get it.. then when i think about what i just said it made me laugh also.. isay's face is all red as a tomatoes and she had tears of joy haha.. or should i say tears of laughness.. and then again. me?? im jumping up & down.. but not entirely jumping haha.. i would look like a clown by that.. haha..

uhmmm... i have this survey that i got from friendster then i let is answer to some of my friends and we all have a got laugh..if you think its corny then dont read it rather then making a fuss here and saying how corny it its..

Name 7 people you can thinkof,right on top of your head.Don'tread the questions below until youwrite the names.This is a lot funnierif you randomly list the names. No Cheating!!!
*Follow your instinct.List down theonesthat came RIGHT out of your mind.^^*

1. lorraine
2. tasneem
3. laila
4. imee
5. isabel
6. diane
7. Clarrence

Don't Go Ahead Unless You Filled UpThe Top! And Don't Go Back And ChangeAny Names!

How did you meet number 4?
= at school hehe^^
What would u do if 1 and 2 were going out ?
= omgggoshhh.. that cant be possible
Where did you meet 3?
= at school since 1st yr
What do you think of number 5?
= shes funny ^^ and fun to be with
What would you do if no. 1confessed that she/he loves you?
= goshness!! thats overdue dude.. shes my bestfriend
Do you miss number 4?
= oh d hell i see her everyday at school O.o
What do you think of number 2?
= we almost have everything in common^^
What do you think number 3 is doing right now?
= doing her projects and homework.. i guess..
What do you think of number 4?
= uhhhh.,.. funny?
Who does number 1 stay with?
= with parents
Have you ever been inside 2's house?
= oh yeah.. many times already
Do you know no. 7 deepest secrets?
= oh yeah
Have you ever kissed no. 6?
= WTF?! hell no!
Do you hate no. 1?
= nah.. shes my bestfriend how could i possibly hate her^^
Do you think no.4 & no. 5 like each other?
= oh yeah.. as a friend
Do you love no. 6?
= of corz^^ as a friend
Have you seen no.5 got angry?
= uhmmm yah
Do you think no.3 hates you?
= i guess...
What would you feel if no.2 & no.4 are making-out?
= oh the hell.. i wont stop them.. haha joke.. positively that isnt possible!
Describe no.7?
= shes malambing and always smiling and happy all the time but sometimes shes pretty annoying
Does no.4 know all of you secrets?
= nope.. not one secret
Do you love being with no.1?
= oh yeah.. i miss my best friend^^
Have you caught no.6 lyring?
= nope not yet.. and on the look out haha
Do you know no.2's real personality?
= oh yeah.. i think i already know her by now

i tag everyone whos hasnt answered this yet !

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