i miss them...


first of all. tomorrow will be another day full of excitments and tests. i should be studying now and focus on the test and look what im doing now.. im blogging!!! damn it! haha... oh well.. this will only be a short entry...

i have another blog here in blogspot BUT wont tell coz its very private, i will only tell that url site if your my friend whom i can trust on and whatever... youll be very lucky if you have the chance to read my private blog & reading my mind like an open book..

i have blog account in livejournal.. just testing it out if its better than blogger.. but ive realize now that blogger is much more easy to use but limited features.. what i like about live journal is that they have awesome features & so much more.. pls visit this site.. kyuusho's livejournal

i sooo miss my life in the philippines even though im not expressing it or my face cant tell... i miss my friends,miss my former classmates, i miss my relatives, i miss my home,my dog, my bike, and i miss my school!!!!!!

if i could turn back the time i would pick to be in the philippines forever..my life is a living hell in here!!!!! but i manage to cope with the challenges.. but still i miss `em sooo much

i was scanning at my bestfriend's profile (isadora) and see lot of pictures from my past, lot of events ive missed.... tear flow down my cheeks...tried to stop it but theres nothing left i can do..god chooses me to be here & i know theres a reason...

this ends here.... gotta sleep before studying okay.. goodbye and farewells..

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