no happy ending

not anymore!

no what.. im so so so HAPPY! and never i had ever thought that people would actually appreciate my works. i worked for that project day and night.. and even though im not finished about that project in that time (friday) i always have time to help my friends... my mum scold me many times and that time i almost want to gave in and cry... im holding it back as best as i can cause i know after this my ecstatic time would come... and it did.. im so overwhelmed and never though my dad bought me a digital camera (canon cybershot) touchscreen.

and today.. as ive said.. about that book..i never though that M.G appreciate my work huhuhu... im so so speechless and i want to hind behind the covers when maam G said that i will be part of the IPSA LINK as layout editor... i was so so so SPEECHLESS! my face was as red as the tomatoes..
until then ive prepared myself that this so so so shocking and at the same time so jovial day would turn to another desolate day again.. and it did!! gosh! it happened so fast... im in complete shock! i want to SCREAM and SHOUT! sayin..

"why did i ever ***** ***... that thing doesnt even ***** on the ********* of ****** yourself"

im so ****** ! i shouldnt be **** like that.. ive learned my lesson... and im sticking to it...

and i dont want to talk about it...and never will going to open that useless topic coz its going nowhere... its still in its cycle .. over and over again and im getting tired..

and im going to END IT!


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