clearance day

"clearance day" is the day ive been waiting for!! hehe.. it the only week me and my friends will go have our "bonding" moments.. and its all FUN! we play cards like monkey monkey and play monopoly.. and i was the BANKER hahas.. although i my foot cramped cause of sitting with my legs cross on the floor for about 1 hour...

pictures are worth more than just thousands of words right??? so let the pictures do the talking

-ill post it later-

and that ends there....

read this story its so nice.. found it at Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II


one miserable rainy night, a man named Mark decided to end his life, In his mid-fifties, Mark hadd never been married, had never experienced the joy of having children or spending holidays with his family. Both his parents had been dead for several years. He had a sister but had lost contact with her. He held a menial job that left him unfulfilled. Wet and unhappy, he walked the streets, feeling as if there was nobody in the entire worlds that cared if he lived of died.

On that same soggy night, I was sitting in my room watching the rain hit my window. I was six years old, and my life revovled around my Star Wars action figur collection. I was dreaming of the day when i'd have earned enough money to add Darth Vader to my new collector's case. To help me make money, my father paid me to jog with him. Every day, at seven o'clock, we jogged together. And every day, i was fiftly cents closer to getting Darth Vader.

When i hear the doorvell ring, I jumped from my chair and raced out of my room to the top of the steps. My mother was already at the door.

Opening it, she found herself face-to-face with a very disheveled-looking man with tears streaming down his face. My mother, overcome by pity, invited the man inside, and he sat with my parents in our living room.

Curious, I snuck downstairs so that I could get a better look. I couldnt understand what they were saying, but the sight of the rumpled man, holding his head in his hands and crying, made my chest ache. I raced back upstairs to my room and stuck my hand into my money jar. Pulling out the Kennedy half-dollar i had earned that day, I ran back downstairs.

When i reached the door of the living room, i walked right in. The three adults looked at my in surprise as i quickly made my way over to the stranger. I put the half-dollar in his hand and told him that i wanted him to have it. Then i gave him a hug and turned and ran as fast as i could out of the room and back up the stairs. i felts embarassed but happy.

Downstairs, Mark sat quietly with his head bowed. Tears stremed down his face as he tightly clutched that coin. FInally looking up at my parents, he said, "It's just that i thought nobody cared. For the last twenty years, I have been so alone. That was the first hug i have gotten in, i dont know how long. its hard to believe that somebody cares."

Mark's life changed that night. When he left our house, he was ready to live instead of die. Although my family never saw Mark again, we recieved letters from him evey once in a while, letting us know that he was doing fine.

Being a six-year-old, i hadnt thought about what i was doing that night. I had just reacted to the sight of someone else's pain. On our morning jogs, my dad and i had talked about the importance of ginving, but i hadnt had any idea of what it really meanbt. my life changed that night, too, as i witnessed the true healing power of giving. Even its its only a gift of fiftly cents.

Before Mark left, my parents asked him why he had knocked on our door, Mark said that as he;d walked the streets that rainy night, hopeless and ready to die he had noticed a bumper sticker on a car. he'd stood in the driveway and wondered about the people who lived in the house where the car was parked. Then, in a fog of unhappiness, he had made his wasy to the front door, Its har to imagine that a bumper sticker and fifty cents could change two people's lives, but somehow they did.

The bumper sticker on our car read: SOMEBODY LOVES YOU


i manual type it which only took 14 mins out of my time..

ill post the story here about "THE BLANK PAGE" tomorrow..

im kinda bored.. so im gonna start a mini ceremony... about my friends.. which is which.. (a topic like detonatedlove)


1. A Funny Friend?
- imee, laila & Cla...

2. Overdosed friend?
- clarrence haha

3. Your Best Friend?
- Lorraine and isadora

4. Weird Friend?
- weird???? uhmmmm... im still in the process of thinking

5. Annoying Friend?
- no one i think.

6. A straight-forward friend?
- prangka??? that would be rei and isay

7. Approcable friend?
- isay, lorraine, and tasneem

8. A friend you could trust and share your secrets with her?

9. A Friend you could always lean on?
- lorriane and isay

10. A friend who knows lots about numbers?
- tasneem, diane

11. A friend who knows about htmls?
- lemme see..... htmls right?? that would be aicee

12. A friend who says the nicest words?
- isabel *sniffs*

13. Understanding friend?
- tasneem

14. "Malambing" or Loveable Friend?
- clarrence

15. "Madamot" Friend?
- madamot??? uhhmmmm.......... me? haha. dunno...

16. Stubborn Friend?
- laila nyahaha

17. Friend who briefly knows about William Shakespeare?
- no one ... i guess

18. Friend who knows how to write poems?
- Laila, tasneem

19. Silent(mahinhin) Friend
- Diane ^_^

20. A friend whos updated with asian dramas and movies?
- lorraine^^

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