Graduation Day

this is my 105th blog post...


i just got back from the graduation of my lil bro so far i dont know what the heck im going to do there... im so BORED! and what im eager to watch is the Class Speech were they would recall there memories and ill post the videos later.. this is what the campus looks like in Graduation Day

my favorite part was when they throw their hats off after they sing there last IPSA hymm.

i just wonder that time because next year it would be out turn now to stand in that stage and hug for the last time all your classmates and friends *sniff* im going to upload that video later


BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS... it would really be nice if something of you CHANGE form the inside out even if its just a lil bit.. so i come up with this..


i want a hair relax (for my hair to be straight and not wave)
- hair rebond could completely ruin your hair cause after 6 months of that your hair would become dull and super stiff tsk.tsk
i want to dye my hair light brown ^_^
i want my hair long (long enough) to the hips
i want a nice and unique hair cut

as youve notice everything revovles around my hair.. my hair is my most prize posetion, all of us do ^_^
cause its your hair that changes your face... anyway...

i badly want a laptop vaio color: pink
i want a new shoulder bag (vintage)

and i think that all.... argh!!! i wanna get my hair done T____T sadly i dont think my mom would allow me to get a hair relax.. *pity*

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