brown sugar macchiato

im watching "brown sugar macchiato" now while eating piattos.. that drama is so cool plus very funny and the leading actresses and actors are so cute ^__^

yesterday im becoming a movie freek watching dvd cds and more..so far ive watch 3 movies in one day: rebound, resident evil extinction and superman returns. While i was watching superman ive dozed off to wonderland..i was dreaming and didnt realized ive fallen asleep..

speaking of dreaming.. ive dreamed of him and its the 2nd time.. 1st was when i was still in 2nd year and the end was now. haha... at that time i dont wana wake up LOL! my dream looks so REAL! damn!

now im online at yahoo msg. but only in the web.. *sigh* so now im chatting with my bestfriend in the phil. those were the moments and i miss her so much... well too bad im comp will automatically log out at 8 o'clock PM

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