im Low bat.


im so beat! we went out at 10:30 am then come back home at 6 pm... can you believe it...?!?! my feet hurts and i want to go to sleep!

well.. so much for that i have to edit Imee's book and heaven's book also... !!!! AHHH!!!!!
why is this happening to me...!!!!


my dad bought a PSP for my lil bro... its a slim and lite thing.. so.. im not really suprised.... well.... a half maybe cause he asked it for only one day making demands of some sort and then he gets it just like that... while me... i have to beg or something.. went i get that camera... i waited for 2 years!!! you got to be kinding mee!!!!

when i was playing PSP im really half way getting addicted to it... haha.. !! i most dont want to go blogging and netting.. but just downloading games for the PSP and i want to download the DINNER DASH haha

wahhh!!!!! my mum's english way of speaking if driving me CRAZY!!! (with caps) haha...

yah know what... i dont know what the hecks wrong with me....but i just said "yes" and it should be a "no"... heaven called be and said "hey. can you edit my book..transfering it all in publisher" and i was like "okay"... when i hung up the phone.. ive came back to my senses

"what did i just said?!?!....! NOOOO!!!.. why did i said "yes" im super BUSY!!! with capital B-U-S-Y!!!"

i want to scream and shout!!! damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i should edit imee's book and plus heaven's book...

but entirely im not gonna do it.. T___T ill continue imee's book in the library.. and just save images then she can do it in the library otherwise then i should be deserving to have the grade then them

imee's book - she like emo and stuff so im gonna save images related to that and that includes the bloody type of image and some sort

heaven's book - i really dont know what she likes but i do know shes a bit girly so ill go for the kawaii look....

for my book (im finished) it actullay is RANDOM!

thats what it is....

pls UNDERSTAND... COZ TOMORROW... IM GROUNDED!!! only for a week.. T__T

i can only comp. till 8 and thats my mum idea.... omg.... why dont they just mind there own business...

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