okai... exams is over!!! woooohhh!! IM FINALLY FREE!!!
no more quizzes and assignment to cram about!

im going to school... next week and the whole of it... im not gonna sit around here and do nothing.... its the only week that i could go bonding with my friends cause next school year we would be separated into 3 sections and that just so devastating *wonder if its correct* im gonna bring my monopoly board game and so does my camera ^___^
i should be editing my blog layout right now but this its gonna log out in 15 mins.. spare it dont waste it! damn!!!

life is so hard to face it! i feel like i want to cry not... not because of this.. like duh! of something else...

im gonna share to you some poems....


one dismal evening just a few months ago,
when the sky was dark and the streets we covered with snow
i had nothing specific in mind and wasn't sure what to do,
since it was one of those chilly nights that leave you feeling a bit blue

i shuffled through a few papers and picked up a book
and without giving it much thought, decided to take a look.
It was one those volumes filled wuth dozens of stories
That told tales of victories, failures and speacial glories.

There was an account of a boy who went to school and learned,
And another girl who got the toy whiuc she yearned.
Then i cam to a story about someone just like us
Who decided to spend a day doing random acts of kindness.

Every thought gift and kind word said with grace,
Brightened someone's day abd left a smile on their face.
I sat back to ponder the story and came up with a thought
If everyone tried to share some happiness and kindness sought

Wouldn't our world be so much more pleasant than it is now
When a few more smiles and time for othere we'd allow?
I baked a batch of cookines today, and i know a lady down the street
Who im sure would lofe a few moments' company and a home-baked treat

and her lonely neighbor who always seems a bit sad and gray
I think a nice visit from someone would just make her day.
Well, it was starting to get late, so i decided to get some sleep
After i made a list of things to do the next day and appointments to keep

When i got up in the morning i went to school with a goal in mind
I would try to cheer a few people up and find ways to be kind.
I bid "Good Morning" and smiled at everybody I met.
A few returned the greeting, then our separate ways we went.

Someone dropped their books, so i helped gather them willingly,
And i noticed the more i helped others, the more they helped me!
After i went home i packaged some cookies to share,
Attaching a note that said "Just because I care".

When they opened the doors, you should have seen their faces light with glee
And watched their sniles as they exclaimed, "You mean you cam to visit lonely old me!"
Later in the evening, i sat down and wrote a few notes
Wishing the recipient a greak week, before sealing them in envelopes.

Then i took a few moments to think about my day
and realized i received even more joy than i had given away
Because every time you smile or with a cheerful word part,
The warmth of that kindness penetrates into your own heart.

We're only given a short time to spread some cheer before we die,
So why not give randoim acts of kindness a try?

im very so stupid!! i wish i just keep my trap shut!!! damn!
haha..... toinks.... ever so clueless..

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