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i TAG everyone who hasnt answered this yet

- when i say tag.. you have to answer this copy and past it in your blog

1) Happiest moment of 2008 so far?
- my 2008 was a BUMMER!

2) What did do when you wake up to this morning?
- go back to sleep again LOL

3) Who were you with last night?
- my family

4) Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
- i havent kiss anyone lol

5) When is the last time you saw your crush?
- so long time ago *sniff*

6) Who can you tell anything to?
- my best buds

7) Do you know anyone named Peter?
- yeah.. that would be peter pan LOL X_X im getting so corny each day

8) Who is your last phone call with?
- my mum

9) What's the last thing you said/typed?
said: okay im going to do it later (eventually im really not doing it haha)
typed: here

10) How's life?
- so bad!

11) Last time you cried?
- last night

12) Why?
- oh.. uhmmmm.. its private

13) Have you ever thrown up?
- yeah when i was in 1st year high

14) Where was the first kiss you had with the last person you kissed?
- whatever

15) Do you love anyone who's name starts with an L?
- oh yeah! L Lawliet from deathnote ^_^

16) Are you happy?
- never been

17) Are you excited about anything?
- actually i am

18) What makes you happy in life?
- if i had a BSM DVD

19) What were you doing at 3 in the morning?
- sleeping

20) Do you have any text messages saved on your phone?
- yeah lots. i dont delete messages on my phone unless of corz if the message contains an "OK" word

21) Who are they from?
- my friends & family

22) What do they say?
- such random things and happenings

23) Do you enjoy life?
- i've been trying

24) How long was the last relationship you were in?
- never been

25) Would you take a bullet for anyone?
- doubt it.

26) What are you listening to?
- that BSM ost

27) Do you like it?
- i dont like it, i LOVE IT!

28) Have you ever took medicine that wasn't prescribed to you?
- nah! im not that stupid

29) Are you surprised about something?
- yeah... :(

30) Is there anyone who doesn't like you?
- those pathetic haters!!

31) Do you feel bad because someone doesn't like you?
- hell no. bitches can stay hatin' fer all i care

32) In your household who do you fight with the most?
- my lil bro

33) Do you like anyone?
- nah!

34) What's the worst thing about hugs?
- letting go :(

35) What did yesterday consist of?
- lots of household errands

36). Did you talk to anybody random yesterday?
- oh yeah.. for 1 hour in the phone and my hands went completely numb

37) Did any particular thing brighten up your day yesterday?
- nope

38) What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
- holding on to much pride

39) If you could kiss anyone right now, who would it be?
- HIM! ^___^

40) When was the last time you went ice skating?
- uhmmmmm.. never been..

41) Describe the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend in 1 word:
- unrealistic

42) Your team loses; are you watching the next game?
- nope

43) Who was the last person you hugged?
- tasneem

44) What was the last thing that really made you smile?
- when _________________.......

45) Someone trips in front of you-what do you do?
- laugh my ass off!

46) Have you ever failed a class?
- nah

47). A person says they like you-you say:
- depends if i like him also harhar

48). Do you like cuddling?
- whats a???

49) Are you close to your parents?
- i wouldn't say close

50) Do you go hunting?
- i dont hunt X___X

51) Your friend's pregnant-you say?
- oh my!!! you are so pathetic!! haha

52) What's your favorite sport?
- badminton and basketball

53) Do you like to run?
- nah!

54) Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween next year?
- IF theres a halloween party held in our school.

55) What word starts with M?
- maltesers (which is im eating now)

56) What is your favorite day of the week ?
- saturday, thursday & friday

57) Do you have deja vu often?
- hiyeah X_X

58) Has your favorite color ever been pink or blue?
- pink only ^_^

59) Do you believe in true love?
- nope they end up getting screwed

60) How many hoodies do you own?
- only two

61) Hows your heart?
- i dunno.. better go check at the doctor

62). Do you like anyone?
- uhhmm slight

63) Where'd you get the shirt you're wearing?
- from school on our Olympics

64) What time did you go to bed last night?
- around 12

65) Are you cocky?
- nah!

66) Do you make your bed daily?
- nope.. depends only hehe

68) Do you own slippers?
- yah

69) Is there a TV in your bedroom?
- nope only in the salas

70) Are you afraid of the dark?
- hiyesss

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