alien talk

lets have an alien talk shall we?
im super not myself today...

you know what... i really hate those persons who are so SELF-CENTERED!
and so makasarili!!! cant they just share!
as if we not friends! i mean like people whom i know who are close to her is like scared of telling the truth about her attitiude, afraid they might get crapped up and friendship would ruin.. the thing is...
i also dont know haha O.o
how can they be afraid!! its for her own good!!
if i were them i would go straight up to her face (and of course i know my limits) and have a talk... ..
but the OTHER said.. shes making alibis and lame excuses about this and that and magdededmahan sila just like that ksi yung isa shes telling the truth about her attitude damn! you know what..
i really dont mind kung hndi kmi magkkpansinan just because i told the truth then FINE!!!
dont talk to me who cares! im not the one who got attitude problem.. you are!!! your taking control of others and thats just wrong..
lets just simply say why i type this because im PISSED!!
if im going to tell this to my other friends..
they just dont know what to say because they havent been backfired and rejected or should i say they didnt know her other side of her attitude
and now i can finally understand what TD feels...

i type like that cause i was PISSED!

let me give you a piece of information what BLOG is!!!!!

i have the rights to type here whatever i want to so dont come crapping at me about this and that... yappin' sayin' "oh i saw it in her blog which says about this and that and many more you should come and scold her" (puh-leaze)

scold me then for all i care!!! and one more thing

what you see here... just leave it here..!!! or else ill block you! oh hey! i can already see your IP address *grins* i have a tracker so watch your back..

i bet you would translate that pile of shit.. but please i advise you not to do it

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