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23 days days to go till our trip to somewhere that i dont want to discuss hehe.. that would be on april 10 were staying there for only 1 week because theres some business that my father has to attend to and hes tagginng us along apparently im not excited...where going to somewhere around asia but not in phil... huhuhu..


right now im watching brown sugar macchiato.speakinf of BSM ive downloaded their song "da zhu tou" the one xiao yu sings in the competition in episode 3...
so far i already got 3 songs of them:

1. hei tang xiu
2. ku cha
3. da zhu tou

if you want one of their songs i can mail it to you so just comment me below or tag me at my tagboard with you e-mail ad and your name ^___^

incase if you wanna hear their song "da zhu tou" here it is:


an honest survey

1. Best place to cry
- somewhere dark and silent

2. The thing you love the most
- the thing?? i definetly love my ipod & this computer^^

3. Tell us your dream last night
- hahaha

4. Ever hate someone so bad?
- nah

5. The biggest lie you've heard?
- yah know what.. im too lazy to type

6. Ever lied to someone you love the
- love???? uhmm... idk.

7. What's the worst thing you've ever
- hold on too much pride

8. Wanna be someone else than your
- oh yeah.. i wish i was the wind

9. Ever slapped someone?
- oh yeah.. accidentaly

10. Last time u cried?
- so long ago.

11. Biggest crush?
- him ^_^

12. Last mall you went to?

13. Last club you went to?
- havent been to a club yet

14. Last favourite song that
you've heard?
- da zhu tou & hei tang xiu & ku cha (almost all BSM ost)

15. Last person who hates you?
- how do i know someone hates me anyway i cant read minds X_X

16. Biggest lie you said?
- eveyone lies. but the biggest? idk

17. Who do u think is the most
ambicuous person u know?
- isabel^^

18. What do u want to eat right now?
- that molten chocolate cake from chillis^^

19. Where are you?
- in my room

20. Have you EVER failed a subject at
- nah!

21. What's on your mind right now?
- butterflies on my stomach... in my brain?? idk..

22. Honestly, who are you chatting
online right now?
- none

23. What is it that you REALLY should
be doing right now?
- watch brown sugar macchiato ^^

24. Have you brushed your teeth today?
- of corz

25. Who are your best friends in the
- lorraine & isadora

26. Honestly who do you think is the
hottest person alive?
- hottest person???? damn! that would be WANG ZI!

27. Honestly, are you a good friend?
- ohhhh..... ahmmmmm.... ask my friends anyway if im a good friend ^^

28. Honestly, do you really think going to school is important?
- of corz

29. Honestly, who makes you happy most of the time?
- this comp. makes me happy and hanging out with my friends make me the happies person alive

30. Honestly, what makes you so sad
about right now?
- my grades T_T

31. Honestly, how old are you now?
- fifteen and 3 months to go before turning 16

32. Honestly, what song are you listening to right now?
- da zhu tou ^_^

33. Honestly, who do you want to see at this very moment?
- i wanna see my friends

34. Honestly, where do you like to be kissed?
- okai???

35. Honestly, do you have a deadly
experience ?
- nah!

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