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omg! i love this skin! wooots... thanks to HaeMin ..
not really a Super Junior Fan but i love them anyway.. im loving this skin so much! haha

im so bored today... haiiizz... life here is pretty boring and such.


VAIO CR Series Notebook VGN-CR290EAP

Make a unique fashion statement with the with the drop-dead gorgeous VAIO CR notebook dressed in Cosmopolitan Pink.

Featuring a stunning 14.1″ widescreen LCD with XBRITE-ECO LCD technology, this thin-and-light style icon is an astonishing sight to behold.

Backed by the Windows Vista operating system and Intel Centrino Duo processor technology with Intel Core? 2 Duo processor, this lightning-fast, super-powerful mobile notebook is packed with entertainment and design extras.

From a built-in web cam and AV controls to its unique color and comfortable, easy-to-clean keyboard, the remarkable VAIO CR notebook delivers entertainment, power and pizzazz. Computers VAIO Notebooks VGN-CR290EAP

my parents gonna buy that for me next year weeeee haha


1. hello again, once dear friend. tell me you remember me, tell me you recallthose days before we even lost our abiltiy to even breathe when we pass each other in the hall

2. F.E.A.R --
fuck everything and run.

3. i'm finally over you.
have a great life, stranger.

4. she is the gas station no one visits
unless their tank is coming up on empty

5. and these mixed emotions are much too strong.
i hear you got a problem with the way i am,
but loneliness never seems to understand.

6. that same old crowd that drags me down,
another day in a boring town.

7. you don't recover from a night like this,
lying in your bed completely emotionless.

8. rain pours from the sky while the branches sway.
i sit here in the dark looking out my window
thinking, "what a beautiful sight."

9. Here's to the moments when we didn't think about
right and wrong, when we just lived, crossed our
fingers and hoped for the best

10. Cross my heart and hope to die
shut your mouth, no more lies.
stop playing with my heart, this isn't a game
when this is over i hope you wont forget my name.

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