BSM layout

at last! im finally finish editing this layout...

this is a Brown Sugar Macchiato Layout.. its really not that much, cause i cant find an image suitable for this skin so this one is pretty simple.. of corz designed by me, basecodes goes to non-stereotype

tomorrow would be my lil bro's graduation so i have to be in the campus no later than 12 noon

lets talk about yesterday

yesterday we went out at Tamimi to do some grocery at that time i really dont have the mood to go out.. i was walking like a zombie there cause my back hurts and almost all of my body.. i stupidly did a "morning excercise".. i did a shoulder rotation and neck bending and rotation... im pretty sure that people behind my back is like watching me with that stupid look on there face...

my lil bro said what i just did is called a "shoulder ROLL" and i was like "get serious theres no such thing as shoulder roll.. its called shoulder rotation" then my lil bro wont admit his mistake, we end up agruing about that pointless thing..... but eventually i put myself down cause i really know that hes wrong and wont admit it..

he's just like me haha.. wont admit the mistakes and hold on too much pride...

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