insomia plus watever. i can't sleep

I CAN'T SLEEP for god knows why....

okay.. maybe because i drank coffee like 12AM ... why?

i seriously don't know myself i just felt like it and now it's already 4am in the morning and i'm blogging here when i should be in my bed ... sleeping...

oh what the hell...

today... i mean yesterday me,my sister, aunt, and my 2 cousins went out to MOA to eat at MAX for a late christmas dinner

then took a stroll around the mall... then my cousin buy this for me at pinkbox...

i love it a lot!

muh blog ... hahhaha!

random pictures of my hair *toink toink*
and yup.. as promised, my new haircolor pictures as i've mention in my so previous blog entry

-sorry for the sharp edges of the images. I was trying to blur the background since our home supplies is too embarrassing to be seen... It's all messy and stuff so i blurred it out-

yeah. i was wearing the headband my cousin gave me....


  1. I love your hair colour soo much!

  2. love your hair colour!!!

    and i love your korean bun! i wish i could tie korean bun again but i got my hair cut and it's kinda thin now :(

  3. Aww, i have insomnia sometimes too. That's so freaking sadd >:

    Btw, love ur new hair colour, its simply awesome, and ur bun is cute <3

  4. aishh sana nakakapag colo din ako ng hair, bawal kasi..school policy -__-

    once na college na ako magpapakulay ako kekeke

    welcome back!!

  5. whoah, you're from Philippines pala haha :)) I thought you're from other country haha.

    same thing with cynna,
    we also have "no hair color policy" It a lil bit annoying :|

    Ang cute nung hair color mo parang si DARA hehe :]

  6. @ 冬天 :

    Whuut??? [O.o]
    i'm sorry but i don't understand chinese

  7. same with you it's hard for me to sleep lately >.<


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