Korean Fob Style

you must have heard of this style. right?

FOB was generally defined as "Fresh Off the boat" or described as asians who come to america and can't speak english very well...

right now. FOB is defined more like an ASIAN FASHION with lots of layers. It's currently making it's way to America

FOB style is generally characterized by tight jean or skinny jean, over-sized tees, long dark wavy permed hair with full fringe

you can always defined fobby style with other styles out there. It's usually because of all the layers

There are Taiwanese, Japanese & Korean fob style. In my PERSONAL opinion... i don't really like the japanese fob it's too flashy and too much layers.

Koreans have the best style, its unique and elegant plus cute at the same time. Their clothing isn't too FIT and they can make simple outfit stand out and it's not too overdone.

I don't really know I already dress fobby then i saw some pictures over the net and went to search for it and discovered the fashion look is called "fob" but my friends or other people saw me they say i look and dress like korean or other people even mistaken me as one which is really weird for me.

anyways moving on.... here are some pictures of fob style

i love the whole combo of this outfit. from the oversized tee to the boots!

ZOMG!! i friggin love this shirt!

i so love the black jacket.. but i am currently hunting one that is longer and reaches below my butt

though i really love buying a beanie some day. I just don't think i can pull it off with the tropical weather here.

love the cardigan! and the bag!

i really love the top, red necktie and the jacket

beanie again. so loving the oversized shirt

i love the whole outfit of this one!

aiyaaaa.... someday im gonna get my hands on those jackets! it looks so cute and elegant at the same time

Don't you feel like going shopping seeing these pictures haha... i know i do.

youngster fob style

so cute! wanna pinch his face so bad! hahahhaa xD


  1. I am so obssessed with these kind of looks!

  2. OMG Steph, you make me feel like want to go shopping *again* too! hahaha xD!

    and oh nice profile picture!


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