So lovin'my new pc!!

im so lovin my new desktop pc my parents sent me from middle east. Its a HP Pavilion A6525 !

im blogging using this pc.. kinda got tired using laptop.... i so love surfing here. talk about 17 inch High definition monitor wooop! now that's my kind of desktop hahahahaha!

anyways... i'm still stuck here in the house, haven't gone out since saturday (you can now say i have no life). I have no money and no allowance huhuhuhuhuhu......
i just can't wait to shop but since it's holidays, the mall is jammed with shoppers buying gifts or whatnot.

that's seriously not my kind of day to shop. Of all that i hate, I hate CROWDED PLACES!

it's not enjoying to shop since the dressing rooms is filled with people linning up waiting for their turns and second, i hate WAITING.

(yes, i know i'm such a whinner)

i do have a lot of patience but when it comes to this. i just hate it. it drives me off....

best part. After the holidays..... there will be lots of stores going on SALE!


so after our final exam this semester, me and my friends plan to go to STAR CITY...!!!! it will be a day full of excitement! (no star city for me this holiday.. lots of people ) and yup! i can't wait hahahahhaa
happy holidays everyone!


  1. happy holiday to you sis
    your PC is like awesome, i want it :)

  2. hey darl, where country are u study in now?

  3. hello steph!
    you finally updated! :) do update more! :D

    this is for you!
    please upload to your own server and have a happy xmas!


    i hope you like it!~ ^___^

  4. @ siantiing: i study in philippines

    @ lisa: thanks a lot for the wonderful greeting card ^_^

  5. so which means the star city and MOA are located in philippines right? =)


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.