blogs i read...

i just back from our last college review and today was our dry-run!
and yeah.. my head still aches for answering over 500++ questions @_@

i need a break.. and today im seriously hungry. so anw..
i wanna advertise here chunks of blogs which i admire most..i visit your blog almost everyday even if i don't drop comments or tag...

not in chronological order

i visit ......

1. Bianca's blog (superbeea.blogspot.com)
- i love her layout! the colors is pleasing to the eyes and best of all her layout don't look boring that why i visit her blog about 4 times a day... i look at her layout and i really love it!

2. Agnes' blog (eggiinespiiggy.blogspot.com)
- i love her jiro wang's blogskin ! and how she blogs and she is talented, creative, nice and friendly ^_^ i visit her blog once i go online

3. Amelia's blog (chocoxbaby.blogspot.com)
- she makes the best button request and her layout is fab plus she updates regularly

4. Eunice's blog (cinnamon-clouds.co.nr)
-love the way she blogs and all the kawaii banners she posted on each entry

5. Natalie's blog (shelteredstars.blogspot.com)
- i love how she blog.. her english is sooooo PERFECT!

----and many more---- yet to be edited

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