its temporary

yesterday was our foundation day of our school so until now im still freakin' tired.. after our foundation day we go directly to "R" mall and eat at "foodruckers" *yummy*

there washroom is so nice! i took lots of pictures so anyway...
ill continue or re-edit this post some other time.

btw the announcement of the best of blog winners will be delayed since i will have my 2nd final exams the day after tomorrow..

the queenofdorks.co.cc site name is still temporary i dont know any better site names to think about so if you got any suggestions i would be happy to hear it

and tags will be replied some other time..

GOSH! if your planning to have a domain at co.cc FORGET IT! it sucks! dang! i so regret it .. i will transfer back to co.nr

the co.cc wont let you change your favicon and instead they will put there dumb icon beside your site url AND you site title will be followed by "powered by co.cc"

BAAAAHHHHH! sucks big time!

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