bad headache & BOB banners

i got a really bad headache today...... i forced myself to go to school to collect my test papers even though my head is ringing and felt as if my head got squeezed by a head cracking death chamber but i still manage not to fall off my knees..

but when i got to school i instantly slept at my desk... though i cant really fall asleep because of all the noise in the classroom. (im half awake)
so anw.
my bod temperature in the school was quite normal but when i got home my bod temperature rise.. so my mom give me medicine but not panadol, panadol is not advisable for me..

though my i still got fever now i manage to go online..

so anyways.. i got my testpapers and the results aren't that bad and i actually passed Physics YEY!

but not my math paper.. gosh! huhuhu... i hate math and math hates me..

let me say my thanks before i sign out

i wanna thank Raichelle for being there for me.. we were doing this frequency of errors in our filipino time that we have to raise our hands if we got a wrong answer in that particular number

since i cant barely do anything. raichelle did it for me~
and all of my friends..

anw. i appreciate you being concerened but yeah. thanks i just dont know what to say...

so here i am.. saying "THANK YOU"

well.. im not the type of person to start a conversation with a complete stranger and someone whom i barely know. and i may sound or look like a snobby person but no im not. haha


and emerald cause she treat us with food haha

okay will go back to sleep now...

today was also our advisory teacher's birthday, the class prepared a birthday blash and gave our teacher a cake..

will put the picture here later..


first placer: chocoxbaby.blogspot.com
second placer: milkypoop.co.nr
third: summerbabe.princess-love.net


award i got from eunice
~thank you so much

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