winnie the pooh??

oh okay....

uhmmmm..... is "Winnie the Pooh" a boy or girl?? shel says she's a girl cause her uncle said so according to her explanation "Winnie" is a girl's name"

but i still say pooh is a boy
but shel says pooh is a girl.. so why ah? *scratches head*


on emerald's notebook was a winnie the pooh and his friends includes tigger, and oh! ! EYORRRR~! haha the blue donkey haha... and of course pooh... so

we were talking about is pooh is really a boy or a girl.. then in the mids of i-dont-know-what-the-hell-i-was-doing thing.... i was proving that pooh is really a boy so i mimic pooh's voice~! my voice sound funny... cause i cant mimic pooh's voice instead i sound like a torned trumpet ~bah
rod,emerald,shel and including me secretly laugh hard but our teacher notice rod's laugh only wahaha good thing i wasn't spotted

tagalog reads

Top 6 problems of highschool students:
6. Allowance
3. grades
2. instructors


Isang araw, matagal na nakatitig si piglet kay pooh...

Pooh: bakit ka ba ganyan tumitig sa akin??
Piglet: ang taba mo loko, dapat ikaw si piglet eh...


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