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added a feedback form

NOTE:: if you also want a form like mine.. you can get your own but please dont copy how i put up my form like putting an icon beside the forms, deal?

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i was thinking about removing my tagboard and rather just comment on every entry in my blogpost for that specific subject.. and if any questions then contact me in my feedback form

(btw im still thinking about it)

anyways. what is the difference of having a guestbook and a cbox tagboard?
i mean what is the advantages of having a guestbook or the other way around?
what is actually the difference between the two?
why is it some prefer a guestbook than a cbox tagboard?

pardon me for asking too much questions haha

please reply me below this entry

the results of the Best of Blog Awards (October) will be announced some other time.. im quite busy today..

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